About The King's Bounty

In the Kingdom of Troia, a place most Eorzeans have never heard of, let alone been to, sits a pub only accessible to those with a writ of membership.  This place is the King's Bounty Pub, and it has withstood the test of time.  Uniquely adorned with three thrones upon its stage, this pub has entertained with vivacious shows and beautiful women for generations.  

Nearby the Kingdom of Troia is another virtually unheard of Kingdom to Eorzeans:  The Kingdom of Baron.  It is from this kingdom our proprietor hails from.  After spending nearly five years in Eorzea for reasons all his own, he has also built a venue similar to the pub he remembers from his homeland.  

Enter The King's Bounty Cabaret.  Our goal is to entertain the masses by providing an upscale establishment, top notch entertainment, and the best staff to be found on all of Aether.  Come vibe with our DJ, see live performances, dance with your friends, try our signature drink, or perhaps spend some quality time with some of our more specialized associates.  Be treated like royalty when under our roof, but remember to act the part of a dignified and benevolent ruler.  We look forward to serving you!

Our Rules

While it is our most earnest desire that you party like royalty with us, we must still obey particular standards of nobility to ensure that all of our staff and guests have a good time.  When you are with us, you are royalty, but no one is a servant here!  You are a royal guest and we your host, and as such it is imperative that you are respectful to our staff as well as our other guests!  That being said, please note note of the following guidelines:

1.  You will always be respectful under our roof.  

This is not the place for racism, bigotry, drama, politics, any type of phobia (homo, trans, etc), grudges, or any kind of general assholery.  The cabaret is neutral ground.  All are welcome assuming they can follow the rules.  If they cannot, they will be asked to leave.  Depending on the nature of the infraction, they may no longer be welcome at the establishment.

2.  We do not lewd Lalafells here.

We get it.  Lalas are adults.  They clearly reproduce.  However, Final Fantasy XIV lore specifically states that it is hard to discern their age and that they have a very childlike appearance.  Sexualizing them is very eerie for the bulk of the player base and that is just something we do not do here.  Everyone is welcome under our roof, but please understand that if you are a Lalafell that certain services will be unavailable to you here.

3.  Every member of the staff has the right to refuse anyone service.

Your enjoyment as our guest is our most fervent wish, however, the well being of our staff is paramount.  The staff will never refuse you service without a good reason, but if you feel you have been unfairly treated by the staff, seek out a supervisor or member of the management team and we will review the interaction.  Please believe us when we say that if you are conducting yourself poorly, we will have the receipts.  

4.  We are all Kings and Queens, but no one is an Emperor.

"Nudity" is strictly prohibited.  This means no smallclothes.  No default boxers on the men and no default panties and bra on the women.  No Emperors New Robe on women, and no Emperor's New Breeches on women and men.  All other forms of clothing such as bikini bottoms and tops or actual clothing item shorts are acceptable.

5.  No visible weapons or minions.

We are a weapon and pet free zone.  Please have weapons toggled to hidden and minions put away.

6.  You may be King/Queen, but CONSENT reigns supreme!

Your more private interactions with our staff will involve heavy consent.  Make sure that anything you want to do is acceptable with your partner before you barrel straight in.  This includes RP scenarios and screenshots of RP or screenshots with our staff in more private moments.  Do NOT take these types of captures without the consent of anyone involved!  Of course what is happening in the public areas of the venue, you are more than welcome to capture and share at your leisure, as we love seeing the cabaret through the perspective of our guests!  But anything that involves leaving the public areas of the cabaret instantly becomes consent only territory.  If we find out you did it without consent, you will no longer be welcome under our roof.

7.  You are expected to adhere to the requests of all the staff.

If a member of the staff asks you to do something, it is for a good reason.  Please comply with that request.

8.  Do not try to imitate members of the staff.

Please do not try and mimic the uniforms our staff wear, nor use the "Looking for Party" or "Looking for Meld" statuses inside the venue.  These are all specific things we use to identify our staff.  If we notice you doing any of these, you will be requested to change attire/status.

9.  Exploring is fun, but respect venue boundaries.

While the venue proper is downstairs, we are also a fully functioning Free Company as well.  Feel free to hang out in our arcade, hot tub room, or ground level lounge area if you need a break from the venue itself.  However, please do not go into any private rooms during our business hours.  Non business hours, feel free to explore anywhere that is open!

We hope you enjoy your time with us!